Current Prices of all Building Materials in Nigeria


Current Prices of Building Materials in Nigeria current-prices-of-building-materials-in-Nigeria This informational product is an eBook that contains the prices of all building materials in Nigeria. Yes I said prices of all building materials, simply because this eBook contains all the major building materials needed to build any type of building project in Nigeria. Any other building materials not in this eBook are special materials that are built & made up on specifications. You can make use of this price database eBook in the following ways:

  1. You can use it in preparation of estimating rates for pricing “BOQ” (Bill of Quantities)
  2. You can use as a basis in estimating cost of a building project.
  3. You can use it as basis of for buying building materials for your project
  4. You can use it in pricing “BOQ” (Bill of Quantities) or “QUOTATION
  5. You can use it in budgeting for materials in “Materials Schedule

The author “Lawal Kehinde Damilare” as tried his possible best to provide a very pertinent informational document in the building industry, so why not make good use of this colossal and benevolent eBook, if you’re in the construction industry. You need to proof us right, by actually making use of this eBook to increase your financials in the construction industry. If you have any testimonials or you need the phone numbers of wholesaler/distributors of any building materials herein.

1. Plumbing Materials
2. Electrical Materials
3. Tiling Materials
4. Roofing Materials
5. Tools and Hardware 6. Doors and Windows
7. Building Materials (Hand tools)
8. Wood (Planks etc)
9. Iron and Rod
10. Paint
11. Cement, Sand and Stone
12. Bricks, Blocks and Kerbs
13. Alert, Fire and Smoke Detection System
14. Other Materials

The following symbols and abbreviations are been used:
m = Meter
m2 = Square metre
m3 = Cubic metre
Nr or No = Number
Kg = Kilogram
T = Tonne
L = Length (Standard)
Roll/Bundle/Packet = Standard packaged sizes of materials.
Face/Swing/Slide = Distinctions in doors and windows.

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