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www.9ja-ebooks.com finally launched 1st August 2016


We want to say a very big thank you and an happy new month, to all the loyal readers and fans of 9jacashflow.com/9ja-ebooks.com

As we launch www.9ja-ebooks.com, the No 1 Nigerian online informational ePortal, we pray God bless us with abundance knowledge to give us breakthrough and wealth in all our endeavors.

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  1. Great post and very inspiring. I will keep track of your blog. I agree 100% on how much a partner, whether a Godly wife, or a running partner, is a great thing. My faith has grown from my relationship with both. Keep up the great work.I am adding your blog to my Blog Roll.Your brother in Christ,Rundad

  2.   August 22, 2012Oh Trisha,I am so very sorry that your N mother treated you that way! you didn’t deserve it and it wasn’t your fault! i wish these peo­ple would be held account­able for their crimes!thank you so much for all your kind­ness i am really touched and hum­bled!Way to go with start­ing a blog!! I hope you really enjoy it! I know I will be hit­ting the fol­low but­ton!! xo

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  4. Don’t waste your money on the filter. My mom has the Zero filter which register’s how well your filter really works. The Brita water from my filtered bottle water (as shown in this article) was EXACTLY the same as my tap water. To me that means a rip-off. I lost $20 for a fancy bottle and a cheap filter.

  5. Ce bine arata. Am ajuns la birou in aceasta zi care pare de weekend si tare as lua un mic dejun ca la carte cu dulceata si unt si ceai. Dar n-am nici de unele. Doar ceai Pastrez link-ul cu dulceata, multumim. O saptamana usoara!

  6. Such a great word and I so agree….lets get God out of the box and let the Holy Spirit free to work in our worship time. God is a very creative God just look at the sunset and how it is different every day but still just as beautiful. By the way worship was absolutely beautiful on Saturday night . I loved it so much…

  7. Jordana Freire comentou em 20 de agosto de 2011 às 23:08. Juliaaaaaaaaaaaaa linda.Amo o blog e amo o Base Aliada.Gostaria de saber qual a marca do baby liss. Achei ele incrível.Tem algum e-commerce que venda ?Um beijo querida,você é uma inspiração.

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  13. Field, what's the deal with Anita Moncrief in your sidebar? She does not deserve to be called a HN for expressing her political views. The woman is nice looking, clean and speaks well. so let's not get too happy with that HN stuff, bro.

  14. I would definitely be excited to see Jonathan Snook’s presentation on SMACSS! I’ve been learning some concepts around the idea of modules or objects in css. And, having no experience with preprocessors, those presentations would probably be a good kick in the butt to start trying one out. Honestly I would be excited to see any and all of these! Thanks for the opportunity UMS!

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  17. Yes, last year you mentioned being able to withdraw all except for earning from your Roth, my mind instantly went to the Roth being an effective shelter. That’s because of the type of investor that I am (I know we share investing philosophies). I love that you wrote about it. My belief is that it is not written about as much because so many people who are younger do not concentrate on portfolio income but rather portfolio growth via appreciation.

  18. because in that one he had relations with the sheriff’s daughter (who just happened to be white), got paid for it and when the sheriff returned home and was about to catch them he jumped off a cliff buck bald nekkid….did a tuck and roll, dusted himself off and ran without so much as a scratchthat’s what I call a G move if I ever saw one, especially when you consider that technically HE was the ho but the way he conducted himself wouldn’t warrant anyone to think such off the bat

  19. Dear Bonnie,AJGA sent the information about your residency and I was thrilled to find out that part of your journey included Kibbutz Gesher Haziv. My cousin Shaya Fastman (of blessed memory) was one of the founders of Gesher Haziv, having gone to Israel before the 1948 to fight for Israeli Independence. He spent his life there. I would love to be a part of such a residency in the future.B’Shalom,Nelle Fastman Pingree

  20. I read the instructions to mean that you should say exactly where the LOCK is (i.e. between ANTIC and WISE) in your solution. That’s what I did. I got the answer immediately (I’m British, and I didn’t realize that anticlockwise would be such an unfamiliar term to so many Americans), but I didn’t understand the business about finding the right path until I read Joe’s comment above.For me the flaw in the puzzle was that the instructions made it seem as if finding a particular path was an essential part of the solution, but really it wasn’t.

  21. Hvis du bare kan fortsette å tirre opp Navarsete en gang iblant, så beholder du i hvert fall alle plussene i min bok! Spøk til side, jeg synes du gjør en aldeles glimrende figur i alle sammenhenger hvor du involverer deg. At enkelte idioter ikke ser annen utvei enn det laveste lavmål kan du trygt se på som en attest på den gode jobben du gjør. Når du i tillegg er den peneste innen norsk politikk er det nesten ikke rart at det renner over for de enfoldige sjeler der ute.

  22. Ashiman12God, “The Tree of Life” was such a unique, powerful, profound, beautiful movie, the kind that haunts you for some time after you see it. I honestly, and without smugness, feel bad for the people who couldn’t get into it and see into the heart of it. Then, combine that with Fincher and Nolan, two of the most interesting filmmakers of their generation – great video.

  23. Hey Andrew,I’m not sure how passionate you think I am about this. I also acknowledged above that I agree with the limits of congregational music. My problem with the current relationship between congreational music and popular stuff is analagous to knock off hand bags… If we were making thousand dollar handbags with a similar vibe to Luis Vutton that would be fine. At the moment our attempts to be relevant come two years after the trend has passed and they’re generally derivative.

  24. Oh I loved the first Epic Mickey. We bought it to play as a family but our son was too young to play it. Luckily I had a blast playing it myself and our son enjoyed watching. It didn't take long to finish the game but I was hooked on it and probably played it a little too much. 🙂 I can't wait to get Epic Mickey 2. Sounds great that you can play in co op. Now that our son is a little older maybe he can help his momma out with the game.

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  48. 222Ok, after my last post, scrolled down and found a reference to this pub , a PDF called “Medical Standards for Appointment, Enlistment or Induction in the Military Services”. (I couldn’t link to it in this reply, so Google it). It lists all the disqualifying medical conditions, and under the “Heart” chapter (Section 12, para r.), it notes that recurring syncope or presyncope is disqualifying unless no recurrence for 2 years while off all meds. Bad news, but it is what it is.

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  50. Det er ikke bare Narvik kommune som burde lytte. Selv syns jeg svenskene burde ta tilbake Nobels fredspris. Norge har en stor gruppe mennesker som er fanget i eget liv. Landet som deler ut fredsprisen burde gi hele befolkninga sin frihet. Ikke la kommunene bestemme om du er et fritt menneske. Sett meg fri!!!

  51. Hayley CafarellaThanks so much for sharing that link, Matthew. I’ve finally had a chance to sit down and read it, such a saddening story. It’s amazing how much mistreatment of patients happen just out of ignorance. I really hope that one day, doctors can learn to say “I don’t know what this is, that doesn’t mean it isn’t anything, I just don’t know what it is yet”.

  52. I’m embarking on the plans for a 1640s set of trestles for my group and am rather taken with the quality of your research and presentation. We’ve taken a similar approach with prototypes in local softwood (radiata pine) and the final units in hardwood. Would you mind if I linked to your blog from ours?Wayne

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  59. Hi GavYou know what – this is still a good review. And you are being fair and honest, which is the only thing an author and publisher can ask for.I also strongly believe that sometimes, you have to be in a "mood" for a book. The first time I tried reading The Historian I wanted to claw my eyes out, I thought it was that dull. I then left it on my shelf and re-read it a few months later and was utterly smitten by it.So, kudos to you for being honest. Who knows, in a few months down the line, you may pick it up and like it!

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