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www.9ja-ebooks.com finally launched 1st August 2016


We want to say a very big thank you and an happy new month, to all the loyal readers and fans of 9jacashflow.com/9ja-ebooks.com

As we launch www.9ja-ebooks.com, the No 1 Nigerian online informational ePortal, we pray God bless us with abundance knowledge to give us breakthrough and wealth in all our endeavors.

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  4. Sono molte le cose che dimostra di non conoscere. In ogni caso:1) non ho detto che la Chiesa fa politica, ma che ritiene da 2000 anni che è necessario vi sia chi fa politica e governa, avendo come faro il bene comune e il diritto naturale;2) abbiamo capito che lei non ama la Chiesa e ne parla male.A quale setta appartiene ?

  5. I really like this new feature, but I have recently noticed that you guys have removed another one: the ability to show comments with many negative votes. Now you may think that this is a harmless improvement, but I personally enjoy reading some of these. If you could bring back this feature (as well as, if not ESPECIALLY–the center frame thumbnails algorithm) I would be very grateful! Thank you for reading.

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  9. What do you when the other person won’t tell you what’s going on or let you in at all? I was recently in a situation where I went from being a very trusted friend in a person’s eyes to being shut out completely. As far as I know, I didn’t do anything to cause this shift. I was just cut off. I’ve tried to be strong and assume the best, but it doesn’t seem to be getting much of anywhere. We are still friends to a degree, but there seems to be this wall up every time we talk. Am I just being impatient? (its been about 6 months).

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  14. these parallel stories you share, and the love you pour for your girls, are so raw and moving to me this morning. to tend to someone we love we lose ourselves. i feel the ache and longing in your words for this sweet girl who needs to come home to her mama. oh my, am i pulling for you, for her, for them.

  15. I'm most definitely on the Algebra side of things (master's thesis was on semigroups). However! I eat corn by going down the columns, not rows, which means I twist my hands (is that a mixture of the two methods?) And I'm definitely more on the Lisp side of things than OO. Does this mean I have some inner conflict I don't know about?PS. My academic career has been entirely about interdisciplinary subjects, so maybe that explains it.

  16. Er litt "magasin junkie" og abbonerer pÃ¥ rom 123, Kamille og Kamile Mor & barn. Kjøper i tillegg ofte Elle decoration, Bolig magasinet, Bolig Liv, Costume, Elle + andre magasinet som frister der og da 🙂 Klem

  17. Dear Tara:Many thanks for writing this post. It just reaffirms my decision to expand the scope of my blog. Well, technically it’s a travel blog – but it doesn’t have to be another compendium of travel guides, but of lessons learned in my many journeys (both in the physical and spiritual sense). That said, I also noticed that fear continues to hold me back. I’m not Playing Big and now I realized how much I need to be in the women’s leadership course that you are offering.[]

  18. I hope you never stop! This is one of the best blogs Ive ever read. Youve got some mad skill here, man. I just hope that you dont lose your style because youre definitely one of the coolest bloggers out there. Please keep it up because the internet needs someone like you spreading the word.

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  27. Thanks for being so honest. I envy you for being able to run 10 miles at an 8:15 pace. Wow! I can barely run one at a 10:00 pace. You are truly inspiring! I know one day I will be able to catch up to you. :)I also envy first time marathon runners with a sub 5 or sub 4 finish time or those that qualify for Boston. I can't help it.I will trade envy for inspiration and keep on running. :)Thanks.

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  30. Thanks for the inspiration Mattie! My weekend was so bad (went to visit? grandma – helloooo cookies), and I was just thinking that I needed to kick-start my weight loss – and then I logged onto Youtube and it was as if you’d read my mind! With you all the way, you go girl

  31. Daniel, thanks for your investigative work! Just FYI: there will be a debate on June 5 at 8:00pm between Rabbi Shlomo Riskin and Peter Beinart at HIR (Rav Avi Weiss' schul in Riverdale), likely arranged by some of YCT graduates/Uri L'Tzedek fellows (note Ari Hart is now a full-time rabbi at HIR). Somehow, the event is not widely publicized in the press (unlike Gordis-Beinart at Columbia a month ago). If you come, it may make a difference.Thanks,Eugene (eugene.wolfson@gmail.com)

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  39. Posted on October 18, 2012 at 2:59 pmI just finished reading the new book on the Evangelical Left called The Moral MInority. It deepened my appreciation for Ron and ESA. I have been deeply effected by his work and the movements he has encouraged. I am grateful for him!

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  59. Dank, Anton, voor je paternalistische terechtwijzing. Voor mensen die in Nederland onderaan de ladder staan, of dat nou allo’s of auto’s zijn, bestaan gelukkig allerlei voorzieningen om hen hogerop te helpen, of in ieder geval hun kinderen, en dat werkt ook. Daar hoef ik mij dus niet druk om te maken. Bovendien liggen daar ook niet mijn kwaliteiten; die liggen op het vlak van duurzaamheid en milieu, dus zet ik ze daar in. Ik vraag jou ook niet om zieken te gaan verzorgen i.p.v. hier een initiatief te komen afzeiken.

  60. I really enjoy Fridays – thank you Giovanni for the xwrd and thanks Gazza for the review. I got stuck in the bottom, right hand as 21a and 23a were not part of today’s wave length for me for ages (even with the cross letters) and until I read 21d I didn’t know why the answer was what it was.All in all though very enjoyable with my favourite being 25d (appealed to my sense of humour).

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  67. hey THANKS (from Sonja Bernhardt the innovator of the Screen Goddess IT Calendar). “You Get IT” so great to see – yes women’s brains are not disembodied from our bodies, we are integrated humans, why do we have to deny our femininity to be accepted/respected. I believe that the raging world wide debates over these issues have been an added benefit and hopefully will assist in sorting the issues – in a positive direction:-) THANKS

  68. Lisa, so not a heat wave this year. It was FREEZING! We had to run around trying to find pants for everyone and for once were not happy to be there during the Soldes with no pants in sight! Let me know if you ever want the contact info of the woman who rented us our apartment last year. She just manages a handful but they are gorgeous and well located. She met us at the door to give us the keys and show us how everything works.

  69. Leslie, you are an inspiration and a relaly awesome hooper. I’ve enjoyed watching (each and every one, I think) of the videos you’ve posted, and it’s been so cool to watch.When my back is better, I need to build better core muscles, and I’ve already told Steve I want to buy another hoop so I have one here and one in the park. It just looks so darn fun that I need to get better at it!!! (and heal first, of course, but then get better!!)You rock!!

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